Sounds of Punta San Juan

The morning began with waves breaking on the shore, a very familiar and calming sound. But this was soon broken by the cries of a fur seal. They bellowed to one another as they frolicked along the beaches, calling to one another as they sunned themselves in the early light. At first it was a bit frightening – the sound they emit is incredibly similar to a screaming child. These are quite vocal animals too; their chatter began in the early morning and lasted well into the night.


We moved further out onto the point, high winds picked up, filliing our ears with guano dust and drowning out the sounds of wildlife. Another prominent sound eminated from the guano birds. Thousands of them flew overhead, cackling amongst themselves. The sound was extraordinary – I swear it would have been possible to hear the beating of their wings if the wind died down. Heavy footsteps followed us as we shifted to a new location, looking for new wildlife. We discovered an incredibly noisy colony of sea lions. These creatures are interesting to watch; they don’t necessarily register when there are other sea lions in their path. These blubbery animals flop over one another to get to the water, barking at times to have a path cleared for them to reach the water sooner. Standing on the clif edge, Suzanna’s voice was carried away by the wind, out to sea along with the conversations of the wildlife here on Punta San Juan.


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